Your Voice Is A Weapon For Us

Just a normal 15 years old girl from Belgium with a true love for BASTILLE, YOU ME AT SIX, Twenty One Pilots and more.. // Writing song and listen to music ~ Drawing

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Dan Smith pointing at a hat. He can’t wear it because it’s not floral and will ruin the image he has worked so hard to create.
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"Say goodbye to your mother" -Blame
Dan appreciating their fan gift in his adorable dorkish way

Oh my god, this is from Sziget Festival >.< This penguin is from me and my sister! Thank you for makig gifs of it ^-^ 

So let me tell you the story about this penguin:

Before Sziget me and my sister decided to make some bracelets for ourselves and then we decided to make one for Dan. When we were thinking about the pattern for the bracelet I remembered that Dan loves Twin Peaks and that we could make a Black Lodge floor inspired pattern (you know the black and white zigzags - Dan has a T-Shirt like that too). So my sister made it and put it on this penguin as a scarf - because that was the only way she could throw the bracelet on stage. (And yes, she drew a triangle on it haha ^-^)

At the gig we stood in the front row but I was concerned that my sister woulndn’t throw it directly on the stage because there was a quite big gap between us and stage. Than we waited for the right moment and during Blame, Dan came and sang right infront of us and my sister threw the penguin - it almost fell off the stage! Dan caught it in the last moment (quick reflexes there). I took a photo of him with it:

We were so happy about it ^.^ and couldn’t believe it. And then during the next song Kyle took the penguin and put it on his keyboard. But then after a while it fell on the floor cause of Kyle’s intense keyboard playing >.< haha. 

(I don’t know if Dan acutually took the bracelet after the set. Which is kind of sad…but it’s ok though :3) 

If you read this, thank you. ♡  Maru x

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Dan Smith - Dec. 18th 2013 (3fm Serious Request Leeuwarden)

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Interviewer: Can you twerk? Dan: Can you?

It got better 😂

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Kyle is my sprit animal

the drinking bottle in the last pic makes it perfect

yes omg

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Bad Blood live @ Reading 2012 in the Treehouse

video is not available on bbc but a short recording (of this hug) is on youtube

Here’s the gif you’ve all been waiting for

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