Your Voice Is A Weapon For Us

Just a normal 15 years old girl from Belgium with a true love for BASTILLE, YOU ME AT SIX, Twenty One Pilots and more.. // Writing song and listen to music ~ Drawing

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+ milwaukee, october 18 2014


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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@Cincinnati, October 17th 2014

twenty | one | pilots
At The Underground in Mesa, AZ on 3/7/13

@ the patriot center - october 11th 2014

+ cincinnati, october 17 2014

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@ toronto, october 15 2014

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So I was this close to Bastille Dan two years ago 😍

@ toronto, october 15th 2014

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'… and I hear you calling in the dead of night'

Cincinnati - October 17th 2014

dan is always so cute when he does this i